Impact Hub @ SOCAP

In partnership with Herman Miller, SOCAP’s pop-up Impact Hub will come to life in Festival Pavilion. You’re invited to make this space yours: meet, network, work, and engage in the many opportunities that we’ll host for you in support of accelerating our collective impact. Live the Impact Hub’s year-round experience at SOCAP13!

Impact Hub’s fifth year at SOCAP brings its most ambitious design yet. We’re building off last year’s successful strategy of filling the Festival Pavilion and bringing in the 108-year- old expertise of Herman Miller. Together, we’re offering an experience that fosters learning, connection, and creativity. The multi-functional space offers places to work, think, interact, and relax during the event.



Impact Hub and Herman Miller formed their partnership based on a vision to use inspiring space design to foster collaboration and innovation. Both organizations believe there is a new – and better – way to work, both structurally and functionally. Herman Miller has outfitted seven Impact Hub spaces in the United States, supporting 2,000 Impact Hub members’ work and helping drive the good economy.



We encourage you to get involved in the various opportunities that will be offered in the Impact Hub @ SOCAP13 throughout the week, including the following:


We want to know the ins & outs and ups & downs of your personal experience with impact. What striking fact has impacted you the most? How have your failures impacted you? What impact do you strive for the most? We’re hosting a photo shoot and inviting you to come ready to share. Help us show the world the many diverse faces of impact with #HelloImpact.

Louder Amplification Station

We’ve all come across impactful online content – whether it’s a compelling article, inspiring video, or simply a mind-shifting tweet – that we wish could reach more people. Stop by the Louder Amplification Station, hosted by Colin Mutchler of Louder. is, and sign up to amplify your favorite content via targeted online ads – on us! As part of a broader experiment to engage top ‘amplifiers’ of the good economy, SOCAP will fund a limited number of attendees who are first to sign up and amplify impactful content! #amplifygood.

Mystic Midway
Step up, Step up. Right this way!

Embark on a whimsical journey with the fantastic carnival characters Lady Fortuna, the Queen of The Fae and the Royal Order of Mystic Jesters, Checkered Man, the Hobo King, and Mr. Nobody. Professor Mirabilis invites you to bravely peer into the heart of your story, call on your inner vision, give name to your true gold or share tales of triumph and struggle, vision and innovation.


Social Entrepreneurs’ Pit Stop

The Pit Stop is an opportunity for social entrepreneurs to receive one-on- one coaching to address their current challenges from seasoned entrepreneurs and impact investors. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for advice on branding, managing your supply chain, raising capital, pitching, or developing a product, you can stop by the Pit Stop for a shot of energy and collaboration. Look for Pit Stop signage in the Impact Hub @ SOCAP. The Pit Stop is brought to you in partnerships with Scott Leonard of Indigenous and Agora Partnerships. To schedule a session at the Pit Stop please contact Laura Tilghman at

Impact Hub Cities

40 Impact Hubs have opened around the world, with 5 more slated to open in North America alone by 2014, and many Impact Hub founders from around the globe will have a big presence this year at SOCAP13. Attendees can come by our onsite Impact Hub @ SOCAP to meet founders and explore communities kicking off around the world. To learn more about how the Impact HUB Cities program is growing this great network – locally, nationally, and globally – and assisting founders in opening their Impact Hubs, please email Michael Cox at

Communities of Interest gatherings

If you are inspired to create your own gathering within the conference, reserve one of the Impact Hub meeting spaces and invite your colleagues to join you by using the SOCAP13 Connect platform & mobile app and the Host Wall. Tweet your best ideas and photos for our Inspiration Stream.

Beyond SOCAP at Impact Hub

Building on the momentum and excitement of the SOCAP conference, we will use the SOCAP: Open platform to inspire Impact Hub programming after the event. In the Impact Hub @ SOCAP13 and on the Open Platform, participants can suggest topics for further discussion as well as create momentum to move serious ideas towards action, ensuring even more impact. We will take these suggestions to our members to vote on them and drive our future programs in the Bay Area. Come to the Impact Hub @ SOCAP13 to share your ideas for going beyond SOCAP!

Impact Hubs are professionally hosted spaces, a core tenet of creating a strong community workspace. Hosts create open, collaborative spaces for anyone looking to work, connect, and build. The Impact Hub @ SOCAP13 is filled with these hosts to help you take advantage of the various programming and content of this pop-up space, as well as learn more about how to extend the SOCAP experience in Impact Hubs around the world and throughout the year!