Robinson Alazraki

Head of Product Development and Purchase, Total Access to Energy Program, Total SA

As a leading international oil and gas company, Total’s mission is to responsibly meet constantly growing energy demand. To achieve that, we are uniquely positioned on the renewable energy market with a vision that stands out compared to industry peers in terms of scale of impact and innovation.
Concretely, Total ranks second in the world in solar energy through SunPower, and we created a one-of-a-kind social business to address the challenge of access to energy. Awango by Total offers solar solutions, such as lamps and modular kits, to low-income communities without access to electricity.

Robinson Alazraki is one of the “intrapreneurs” who founded this social business embedded within Total’s core businesses. Specialized in solar photovoltaics and sustainable development, he has been working for Total since 2006, starting as a Long Term Energy Prospective Engineer, then working in the refining division as an Economist Engineer in Modeling, to finally moved to the Sustainable Development division to set up the strategy and the supply chain of Awango by Total, Total’s Access to Energy Program.

He is now Head of Products Development and Purchase of this social business. Among other responsibilities, he manages the tailored-shaped partnerships with the most performing and reliable suppliers in this new but fast growing industry of access to energy supply. These suppliers are most of the time start-ups or very small companies compared to Total. A situation that requires precaution, awareness and innovation in business relationships set-up.